Leasing & Billing in Dockhound allows you to bill your customers directly according to the terms of their lease agreement with your marina. Under the hood, Dockhound partners with Stripe to offer a best-in-class and highly secure digital payments solution for your business.

After a quick and easy setup you’ll be able to track customer leases, generate invoices, and collect payments without leaving Dockhound.

When you create a lease for a customer in Dockhound, the customer will automatically receive invoices via email according to the billing schedule you’ve set. That invoice includes a link to submit payment via credit card or ACH transfer. This money will be transferred directly to your bank account on a rolling 2-day schedule. You can also continue accepting payments via cash or check, and manually record those payments against a customer’s lease.

Dockhound will make sure that the customer is billed according to the schedule you’ve set, and that customers with delinquent accounts are reminded when they request their boat.

The first step is to enable Payouts in Dockhound and follow the instructions to create a Stripe account. This will need to be done by a business owner or manager with access to key informtion about the business (like ownership structure, EIN, etc…). There is a short approval process where Stripe verifies the existence of your business.

Let’s get started…

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